Rosebank Catholic Church

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion
Catechism at Rosebank
There are Catechism classes at the Rosebank Parish each Sunday, in the community centre! Catechism Team The team consists of :
Arlene Beaumont - Co-ordinator (074 868 6956)
Jane Newcombe - Adult Classes (084 500 2187)
Stef Kruger - Life Teen (073 189 0295)
Marco Paschkewitz - Life Teen (082 441 3855)
Jacqui McCabe - Grade 7 & 6 & 5(083 408 1896)
Hans Bleijs - First Communion Class (Grd 4) (082 413 0047)
Arlene Beaumont - Grade 3 (074 868 9656)
Roberta Asherson - Grade 1 & 2 (082 678 9203)

The Grade 4s

Currently Registered For Grade 4 are :

Catechism classes (First Holy Communion)

Notice Board : Grade 4 (First Holy Communion)

Classes will resume after the school holidays in January 2019!

The Grade 4s fhc18_17
The group of 2018!

For classes !.............

What will your child need?

A 30/50 Page flip file (To be brought to class each week!)
A bible & and a pen! (Maybe colouring pens)!

What we will be doing this year

We start the year of with learning about the Bible
It comes from the greek word 'Biblios', meaning BOOK
We then move into the Old testament, where we will start with Genesis
Learning about the creation and the first man 'Adam' on earth

In the New Testament we will look at the Gospels

We learn how to look up things in the bible.
ie. Book Chap : vers - vers or vers, vers etc eg. Mark 4 : 1 - 15 or Matthew 2 : 7 - 11 ; 18 - 22 What does it mean : when the reader says the first reading is taken from Genesis 1 : 1 - 31 The story of creation. (Done and dusted!)

Next We'll explore the stories of Adam and Eve
Their sons Cain and Abel and then Seth
Onto Noah and the Ark
The sons of Noah : Sham - Ham & Japeth
Abram & Sarai who later became Abraham and Sarah
Their son Isaac
How Abraham got a wife for Isaac
Their sons Esau & Jacob
How Jacob had to flee to his uncle
The 2 x 7 years he worked to marry Rachel & Leah
The 12 Sons of Jacob
The story of Joseph
And that concludes the book of Genesis.

There are other stories, eg The story of Lot and his wife who turned into a pillar of salt.
But in later grades they will learn about these stories.

In the Second book of the old testament we touch on :
The birth of Moses
How he had to flee Egypt
The 10 Plagues
And how Moses leads his people out of Egypt.
We also touch on the 10 Commandments.

Please note in between the Old and new testament.
We learn about 'Mass' what do we see in Church
The liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist
What it means to receive the body (and blood) of our Lord Jesus Christ

And the prayers we pray in church and during Mass

On the Saturday before the 'First Holy Communion', we practice over and over
What to do, where to sit, when to stand and most importantly
How to receive the Eucarist.
This is in a nutshell the things we will be doing during the year of your childs
First Holy Communion!
Please feel free to come and see me after classes
or drop me a line at : to ask me any questions!