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Healing Masses 2018

God Heals
  • First Healing mass in 2018 March 23rd
  • Second June 8th
  • Third Sept 14th
  • Fourth Nov 23rd

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The Southern Cross - Southern Africa's Catholic Weekly

Parishioners are encouraged to read Catholic news and spiritual material.
With the move towards digital media Southern Cross offers a digital subscription.
The digital edition of the paper is exactly the same as the print version and subscribing is very easy.
1. The Southern Cross is available weekly from the Repository at a costs of R10.00.
2. A digital subscription for one year: R420
3. A printed copy posted to you anywhere in SA: R500
Your support for The Southern Cross is greatly appreciated.
Subscribe at or email Michelle for assistance

Subscribe at or email Michelle for assistance

Thank you letter from Women of Vision

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